When you want to

  • be more productive,
  • get rid of email clutter
  • when you want to use your Blackberry or iPhone and Microsoft Outlook to focus on what matters most,
  • make more money,
  • have more free time, and;
  • have more fun,

Holger Woeltje is the guy you need to call!


Working internationally with companies like Credit Suisse, Hewlett Packard, Lufthansa, Microsoft, T-Mobile, SAP and ThyssenKrupp, he has learned what works. He takes the most complex electronic things, the best tips and tricks for everyday use of Outlook as well as proven time management strategies and explains them in simple, easy to understand language so you can make them work, get more done and get your life back!

Call now: +1 (937) 483-4741 to book Holger for a keynote or seminar at your organisation and gain more time for what matters most to you!



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